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Be the representative of
Johnny: the prince of salsa!


The prince of salsa

Teach the pure LA style in your classes

At present, the LA style is still the one which causes the biggest impact, both on the dancefloor and the stage. As it is shown in his choreographies from his companies Imperio Azteca and Tropical Gem, which often close the night shows at the best international salsa meetings.

For Johnny, salsa is much more than a hobby, it is his lifestyle and he shows it by dancing, creating new choreographies, singing and acting. He was born in Mexico towards the end of the 70s. He started dancing when he was 14, once he arrived to Los Angeles (USA) and in a short period of time he started competing along with Claudia Riva. In 1997 he participated in the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress and right after he joined the team Bacardi De La Salsa, with which he started travelling around the world dancing on thousands of stages.

His artistic career had just started when he won for three years in professional competitions in Los Angeles along with his new partner Carolina Sarisola. In 2002, he decided to create his own dance company 'Johnny Vazquez and his Aztec Empire' located in Valencia, Spain. In no time at all, he was considered one of the best LA salsa dancers in the world, having won numerous domestic and international competitions.

Today, you have the opportunity to teach the pure LA style in your classes and represent them in events and performances in your city. We will certify you and we will give you the exclusivity to become the only one trained directly with the artists' material. Are you ready?

Join the biggest dance network in the world which will allow you to develop your artistic career by obtaining more acknowledgement in the world of dance.

Thousands of dancers dream about learning how to dance like the best artists and thanks to you it will be possible. We will certify you to become the official representative of Johnny in your city and you will have the license to teach their style and choreographies in you courses, events and shows.


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