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The Kizomba stars

Seduce your students with the best Kizomba

Isabelle & Félicien is, overall, a passion story. They fell in love dancing many years ago and until now they haven't sopped making other dancers fall in love with them since they got on a stage. In their choreographies, they combine their technique and their innovative spirit, despite their elegance and authenticity are what make them special.

Since the age of six, Isabelle started dancing hip-hop, dancehall, gwo ka, and African dances, although salsa too. On his behalf, Félicien, discovered the partner dancing at the age of eleven, from the perspective of ballroom dancing, swing (rock'n'roll, lindy hop, acrobatic rock) until he found out Latin dances and Kizomba.

They are currently considered as one of the most renowned Kizomba stars in the world. Part of their acknowledgement comes from the succeed of one of their best choreographies "Soha - Mil Pasos" which, besides the fact that it will be the first one that you will dance in World Team Project, it is one of the most watched on the Internet with more than 12 million displays just in Youtube!

Today, you have the opportunity to teach their style in your classes and represent them in events and performances in your city. We will certify you and we will give you the exclusivity to become the only one trained directly with the artists' material. Are you ready?

Join the biggest dance network in the world which will allow you to develop your artistic career by obtaining more acknowledgement in the world of dance.

Thousands of dancers dream about learning how to dance like the best artists and thanks to you it will be possible. We will certify you to become the official representative of Isabelle & Félicien in your city and you will have the license to teach their style and choreographies in you courses, events and shows.


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